My Aim Is To Share with Other Experienced Players how the feldenkrais method can help you develop a higher level of skill and ease in your playing.
Brian Baraszu
Moshe Feldenkrais as a young man
I’m brian baraszu and i am the creator of drum moves 

Drum Moves was born out of both my incredible love and sometimes intense frustration with playing and learning drums. I began playing at age 11, but it wasn’t until later in life when i discovered the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, and his Feldenkrais Method, that I was able to develop a better approach to the kit and get rid a lot of the obstacles, both inside and outside, that disrupted my earlier efforts at improving my playing. 

Somehow, I lost my love for playing…

I went to college for music. I had dreams of being a session player. And like a lot of others with similar goals, I practiced long hours trying to develop my skills to the highest level I could. Then I developed a case of tenosynovitis in my lower arms and hands, which is a painful inflammatory condition in the sheaths of the tendons. I had to take a long break from playing. I left my university studies too, and that was when I had to face a bigger problem: what happened to my love for playing? 

I quit playing for nearly 5 years.

In the years leading up to the tennosynovitis, I was super passionate about music and the instrument, but I was often riddled with self-doubt, and performance and achievement anxiety. I also suffered from hip pain, shoulder pain, and bouts of debilitating back pain. My body and mind were not in tune. My will to improve was very high but it seemed at odds with what was going on underneath the surface. I basically healed from the tennosynovitis with rest and Tai Chi. When I did start gigging and practicing again, playing just wasn’t the same. Eventually, I sold my gear..


I felt like I just needed something more. Something to bring my body and mind into better balance. I got that from martial arts training and then also from adopting a daily meditation practice. But when I found the Feldenkrais Method, I discovered something unique. It sort of pulled all of these different parts of my life together – the meditation, the martial arts, and though I didn’t know it yet at that time: the drumming.

I bought a drum set again. :))

I went on to train to become a Feldenkrais teacher, and work one-on-one with people giving sessions in Functional Integration, and with groups teaching Awareness Through Movement classes and workshops. Around the time when I had the strong urge to play drums again, I didn’t even own a drum set, and hadn’t for nearly 5 years. The positive changes I was experiencing from the training really pushed me though, because I just had this sense that my approach would be different, more centered and self directed and with a greater number of inner resources to keep going in the right direction and with enthusiasm. That was almost 12 years ago…

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